Music is something I get lost in.

I can get wrapped up by something that I can relate to lyrically or feel musically. Though the other parts of the song are important, lyrics have always been my favorite part of the song. To me, it conveys the real message of the song.

Lyrics tell a story, I love being able to listen to different songs and try to figure out the meaning. That helps me tap into an emotion or subject, even if I haven’t experienced it, so I can be able to write about it. Ever since I was four, I’ve felt this connection to song writing. Lyrics would just come to me, and it would take me seconds to have a chorus to a song. Writing is something I have developed a deep passion for. To some people, lyrics of the song are just random words thrown to a catchy beat; to me it’s a story crafted with your heart. Making music is something I want to do for the rest of my life. I love being able to make it as much as I love getting to share it with other people.

I hope everyone who listens to the music I create will feel related to, hopeful, and inspired.